Privacy Policy


The customer's personal data will be used for the following purposes according to actual conditions and needs:

1. The verification procedures for executing customer instructions or responding to customer-related inquiries, daily administration of accounts, or direct or indirect marketing of related investment products or services, share with WCG's affiliated or related companies on related investment or transaction services, Repeatedly verify and transfer such personal data

2. Deal with customers' collateral, or collect debts from customers;

3. Transfer such personal data to third-party service providers for credit verification and/or data verification purposes;

4. To provide any such data for any purpose in or in relation to complying with any laws, regulations, ordinances or orders of regulatory agencies;

WCG will keep the client's personal information confidential, but may provide it to the following organizations/persons based on actual conditions and needs:

1. WCG other companies include wholly-owned or partially-owned companies in the name of wholly-owned subsidiaries or affiliated companies of subsidiaries or directors and employees of the group;

2. Agents and third-party service providers who handle related business for customers include: clearing houses, professional service companies, financial institutions, computer system service providers, and telecommunication system support services as necessary procedures for completing customer services

3. Any regulatory or government agency that is related to or supervises any business of WCG

4. Persons deemed appropriate or appropriate in accordance with the confidentiality obligation, including group member companies and their employees. These authorized persons must keep the customer's personal information confidential.

According to the terms of the regulations, customers have the right to request that any false data about customers be corrected by WCG and to request in writing that we terminate the use of their personal data for direct or indirect marketing purposes. WCG reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for processing requests for data or corrections made in accordance with the provisions of the regulations.